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Thank you for your interest! We do try and keep up with email....however please allow a few days to

  • If you have not been responded to via email in 3 days- it could have been lost.
Feel free to call us to follow up. We enjoy speaking on "a one to one" basis.
Calling 11 am to 4 pm EST is best.

  • Please read through the information below

  • Our puppies are available to non breeding  pet homes.  We encourage our pet home puppy owners to
    enjoy agility, obedience, herding, scent trials,  and other amazing sports with their new puppy from us.
    We also do sell show potential puppies - but on separate contracts than our pet  / non breeding contract.

  • We rarely sell our dogs for breeding. That would be under strict conditions /terms only.

  • When we do have a litter:

  • Our puppies are raised in a house environment, socialized with children, lots of people, our family's farm animals
    such as the horses and chickens, other breeds of dogs, and taken for car rides & crate trained.

  • They are part of our family life prior to leaving from here....They are not "just dogs"- they are family to us.

  • They are vet checked, raised on 100% holistic food & home cooked meals.

  • De-wormed, and have been given homeopathic puppy vaccines nosodes .

  • For generations our dogs are holistically fed and raised organically/ and they live well into their high teens (16-18 yrs).

  • We have  North America's Only Aust. Cattle Dog to be awarded Champion of Health by the OFA (see Rebel's page)

  • Also: Please visit our LINKS  page for info on harmful side effect of too many vaccines.

  • FYI:
    We do not sell solely on email interviews. We require phone calls, actual person to person conversations, and getting to
    understand who you are. So we can match you to the right puppy.

  • We DO NOT sell our dogs as a business. It is a passion and love for the breed that we occasionally produce a litter.

    We love when our puppies are picked up from our home when possible, however we fly our puppies  within Canada, as long
    as the weather is permitting safe travel for the puppy. We do fly to over seas - however that is by very special request /
Actor (old school, legally bonde, etc)
Luke Wilson and his Reddenblu puppy
Billy Rae Cyrus
Are you serious about getting a puppy from us?  Want a questionnaire/application sent to you?

  • You may call us for immediate info at: 807-475-9778

  • Once you fill out a puppy questionnaire. We review the completed questionnaire and discuss the
    potential home and then contact you.

We take great care in matching the right puppy with the right person. :)
Puppies expected April 2020 -
email us for details