AM.CH. Reddenblu's It's My Time Now, MX, MXJ, HSAscd, RE, TDX
Introducing a handsome young Rebel son. Owner handled by Nicole Morris (pictured)
He's a striking blue mottled male.  Whom clearly will have a bright future in what ever he does.

"Mason" has  Best of winners in 2009 quite consistently from the 12 to 18 month class when ever he was shown.
He gained his AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP in short time with majors.

Proud owner/ handler/ trainer  Nicole M. reports
Mason is an awesome herding dog ...Steve Waltenburg thinks it's his forte.
Congratulations Nicole on a job well done!

No "one hit wonder" here!

2013 NEWS:
Inland Empire Herding Dog Association trial
Mason earned a PERFECT SCORE of 100 and Reserve High in Trial on sheep under
judge Adrian Lopez.

Thursday Oct 10th
Mason won the Started Sheep class and went High in Trial on sheep with a score
of 96 out of 100. It was a beautiful run.

Mason got 4th place in Started Sheep, but even better, he was one of only two
dogs to qualify on cattle all day and won the Started Cattle class and then received
Reserve High in Trial on cattle.

APRIL 2013
Agility News...Mason earned his MX (Master Excellent Standard) agility title last
weekend, along with two more double Q's and more points towards his MACH! He
was on a roll!

News from the ACDCGLA Club's Cattle Dog Classic Trials 4/6 and 4/7...

Mason won the Started A Course Sheep class and went HIGH IN TRIAL on both
Saturday and Sunday under judges Rusty Jeffers (score 95) and Molly Wisecarver
(score 88).

He also earned the first leg of his Started A Course Cattle title with a 3rd place
under judge Peggy Richter (score 87).

2012 NEWS:
Sept: 2012
Mason earned his Excellent Standard (AX) title with a 1st place, qualified in Excellent B Jumpers all four days,
earned two Double Q's and our first bunch of MACH points!
Report from owner , Nicole! "Last month we went up to Portland, OR for the Rose City Classic Rally Obedience trials and Mason qualified all
four days in a row to earn his RE (Rally Excellent) title and then the first leg of his RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) with two first placements, a
fourth and some near perfect scores!"

2011 news:

January 2011:
Mason earned his RA (Rally Advanced) title this past weekend at the Palm Springs shows in three straight days!
He Also finished his NA (Novice Agility) and NAJ (Novice Agility Jumpers)

2010 News:
Mason passed his AKC tracking Title "TD" !! Way To Go!!

February 2010:  
Mason earned is American Championship at the Silver Bay shows in Del Mar California under judge: Janice L.

May 2010 news:

Quote from proud owner: Nicole M.
Mason's track was somewhat demanding, in that it had the maximum number of turns. Mason confidently and
deliberately worked out the new direction at each turn. His track was quite an adventure and included us
working our way through some giant prickly berry bushes, crossing a wooden bridge that went over a canal, a
trip through a swamp and finally a creek crossing that was deep enough that he actually had to swim! Mason's
track took him 18 minutes to complete. Talk about a test of mental focus, endurance and drive!! He did a
wonderful job and it was so fun to see how well he handled all of the obstacles.

Just some general info...TDX tracks are between 800 and 1000 yards in length, aged 3 to 5 hours, have 5 to 7
turns, have four articles that the dog must indicate, include at least two obstacles and incorporate the use of
cross-tracks. The annual TDX passing rate has been estimated as low as 12 to 18 percent. Needless to say, it is a
challenging test of scent discrimination as well as mental & physical stamina.
* Eye's PRCD pattern A
2012 Cerf: Clear
*Hips: OFA -GOOD
*Scissor bite - Full dentition
DOB: 2008
Owned/Trained by: N. Morris
Bred by: J. Redden

Rebel x Florida