THE DENVER CAT born Mar. 10,1981 Registered Quarter Horse.
from the Brown Ranch in Kenora Ontario.
Catkin was our "beautiful girl" .  She was with us since 1982, and was Leonard's pride and joy in the show ring, on the trials and around the
At 28 years (in 2009) she still  loved to go for a short jog, down the road or just show off her trail class, and pleasure horse skills from by
gone years .
She is truly was one in a million, she was the BEST!     
We all love her.

She passed away September 11th 2009
we will forever miss her.
Joyce and her Canadiens
Meet our registered pure bred
Gypsy Cob Horses (below)
A collection of photographs from our equine adventures / lifestyle
"Pippa" - Our Registered Gypsy Vanner filly!
Granddaughter of the famous "LionKing". Pippa is born/bred in Texas.
Past recsues. who crossed the rainbow bridge
WILLOW is a 32 year old Standardbred mare,  formerly owned by the Amish, in Mn. They took her  to the auction when they no longer had use for her . There
she was rescued from the hands of a kill buyer.  When we  brought her home in  November of 2008 she was very thin, and  covered with sores and
harness galls.  Although  Willow is blind in her right eye, she is  gentle, patient, and totally sweet. We have introduced to occasional driving and she just
sparkles with life, when she see the cutter or cart.  Driving a horse is a new adventure for us. Willow is the  perfect teacher.
Our place is her  forever home.- Willow past away peacefully at age 33 on our farm.
"KOOLTA"  She was rescued
March 2011 from slaughter.
Koolta is a wonderful mare
that is enjoyed a good life
here on the farm. She was a
kids horse at one time and
when we brought her home
from the auction yards - she
had old faded ribbons still tied
in her mane.

Koolta passed on due to
health issues Feb 2014
"Sage" - Our BLM Mustang  Born in the wild