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"Our goal: being the advancement of the
Australian Cattle Dog and the perpetuation of
excellence in the breed"
Joyce R.
Cliff, Rebekka and Joyce
Reddenblu Registered Permanent is a very small scale breeding kennel with just two or three high quality
females and our stud/show dog which have ranked top in the breed in Canada,America and Europe. We breed
on a very limited basis assuring quality and not quantity.
This unquestionably, devoted, intelligent, and versatile breed with it's origin in Australia, is very much a
passion and part of my life as well as my families.
We strive to adhere to the breed standard in our breeding program and have bred with integrity always
striving for healthy minds in beautiful healthy bodies. Our bloodlines are noted to be
LONG LIVING. Our typical
age of our dogs here on the farm is 15 years to 18 yrs. In fact all of our animals live long lives. Our Dachshund
lived to be 24 yrs old, our cat 26yrs old, our horses have are are living into their 30's. Our Nubian goat was 18
when she passed.

We have been involved in training and exhibiting our ACDs since the early 1980's and we have enjoyed some
wonderful successes. We have bred dogs that are used in herding, agility, flyball, tracking, frisbee, obedience,
and some work with the hearing impaired, while others have made it into the movies and tv.
But mostly our dogs have made breed history in the conformation ring and in the herding arena. All of our own
cattle dogs are all trained by us.
Our goals have always been to produce healthy, vigorous ACDs which will share a long life with their humans,
and remain virtually free of disease and their life to the fullest whether it be in the show ring, at
work, or at play.
We care about each pup we bring into this world. This pup is a part of our extended family when it goes to its
new home. We take steps to qualify each new prospective owner, to assure they are ACD material. We never
want one of our pups to land in a shelter or rescue. We are here for the lifetime of your dog as support, advice
and to help out with problems which may be encountered in the training and care of your dog.
All of our puppies / dogs are sold with a health guarantee/ written contract. We take positive steps to ensure
that your Reddenblu pup will be a source of joy not sorrow .
We test the parents for genetic diseases, research pedigrees, and breed only from healthy, intelligent, loyal,
biddable versatile stock. Oh yes, our dogs have plenty of herding instinct..parents have all been worked on our
sheep.  We also aptitude test all of the puppies, and measure their angulations of front and hind limbs to help
assure balance and correct and effortless movement, needless to say they are socialized and handled right
from day one.