“Absolutely stunning!!  
The nicest female ACD
I've ever seen,  what a
pleasure to watch ,
thank you for showing
her to me!”
—Judge: Mr. Leslie
Am.Can.Fin.Ch. Reddenblu's Navaho Rug HC MBPIS
Bred by: Joyce Redden

Scissor bite, full bite
*Eye's :Cerf - Clear at age 8
*wonderful personality
sweet, happy, loved to herd,
learn, was an all around
awesome companion/ show
"Shades of Reddenblu".......
Rug was unbeaten in the shows, achieving group 1st's wins and multi Best
Puppy In Shows.
"A beautiful combination of temperament, movement, correct structure, and

Rug is the all time most winning ACD female from Canada.
Competing in Europe - she Gained huge notoriety - and gaining her Finnish

Rug will be greatly missed by all of us, she passed away December 1999.  Her
legacy will live forever.
Angles & proper type.
Rug was in a league of her own. We have never seen a beauty
like her again.
Rug holds the record for the most winning ACD female in Canada.